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JD.COM Set Down Its Warehouse in P.A.City

In July of 2015, JD.COM signed the cooperation contract with P.A.City, to set down its warehouse in P.A.City. It has been the second famous enterprises that set down its logistics center here since Chia Tai Group’s joining.
JD.com, the biggest e-commerce enterprises in China by transaction volume , is an online retailer that sells varied consumer goods.
With its personalized website (www.jd.com ) and mobile APP, it also attracts customers by its competitive prices and high efficiency of delivery. By the end of 31st March, 2015, JD.com possessed the largest logistic warehouse in the domestic e-commerce industry.
Units with P.A.City, markets on the South China
From JD’s official financial announcement of 2014, it is said that the total transaction amount of jd.com was about 260.2 billion Yuan, which was double over the same period compared to last year.
Since it has hit the world with such a high-speed trends of development, for providing better services to customers, it decided to set down its logistic center in P.A.City after two-month inspection and research.
It is said that the warehouse of JD.com will put into services in 11th November of 2015.
What does P.A.City attract JD.com?
P.A. Logistics Center
For more efficiency, we build the first world-class logistics center of Chenghai.
It consists of freight station, warehouse, offices, restaurant, parking area and other logistics facilities. All of these will remarkably increase the operation efficiency for both domestic delivery and international shipment.
Order at home, delivery all over the world.
 P.A. Warehouse
It is a multi-story warehouse with automation facilities for all in-house operations, located in the north of Lotus Delivery Center, it covers about 7k m².
P.A. Warehouse will facilitate our logistics partners to increase the logistics efficiency remarkably for high-value commodities.
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